ChinData comes out the best company in terms of environmental contribution

Greenpeace which is calling attention to the technology sector in China and the energy consumption which has been ballooning and has ranked the worst and best of the country’s environmental citizens for the first time. ChinData Group has been coming out as the winner by a huge margin and this company which is not known that much has outdone the biggies such as Tencent and Alibaba.

They ranked 15 of the biggest internet companies for the maiden time and found that there was major lacking in the areas like transparency by the way of publicly disclosing their energy consumption and the speed that they are moving to the renewable energy. The research had been conducted by entering into a partnership with the university in Northern China of Electric Power and has urged for the adoption of wind and solar power being at a faster rate than it is right now along with the commitments being made for the renewable energy consumption being 100%

It did not some of the internet giants’ progress but had said that they were lagging when compared to the peers globally like Apple Inc. Apple has already pledged for ditching the fossil fuels and the reduction of usage through the supply chain. Tencent Holdings Ltd had been one of the best when it comes to disclosing the energy usage in the company had not made much advances in switching to the renewable resources which is an activist group. Alibaba was the company that had scored the highest among the chasing pack after ChinData however it could only manage to get 60 marks out of 100 and this has shown the task ahead which is enormous.

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