Physical and Mental activity can help in curing Frontotemporal Dementia

Physical and Mental activity can help in curing Frontotemporal Dementia

The Frontotemporal Dementia is known for striking early, usually when the patient is in his/her 50s and sometimes even younger at the age of 45. Unlike the Alzheimer’s this disease does not affect the memory of the patient and it instead attacks the parts of the brain which are used for controlling emotions, reasoning and thinking.

The first symptom which is likely to be experienced is the loss of interest in life as well as the well being of near and dear ones. There are situations where the patients end up ignoring the feeling of their children or their spouses and get frustrated uncharacteristically and do or say things which are inappropriate like laughing at a funeral.

The problem here is that they have no clue of what has changed.

The experts say that it is a disease which is extremely devastating as it impacts the people in the absolute prime of their lives.

This disease is specifically difficult for the family members of the patients who can see their loved ones changing but can do nothing about it as the person who is affected can himself not observe the change.

Science has been failing to provide any kind of intervention for heling the patients but there is a new study which has been published suggesting that there are lifestyle changes which may be helping in the slowdown of the progression of this disease.

They found that if the person who is affected is active in his physical and mental life, he/she would be able to counter this disease in a better manner. It was observed that the functionality of this disease reduced by half.

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