For under two cents, this rose can purify water

For under two cents, this rose can purify water

When we think of roses, we think of their beauty, but we have no idea of the subtleties of their design. Scientists have created a water purification system that looks like a rose. It’s more intriguing to learn that this flower-like purifier will cost just 2 cents each piece.. Because of the high cost of the existing solar steaming methods, they should be avoided. That means that in the future, water purification might be dramatically altered by this technology.

Solar steaming for water production has been improved by Donglei Fan, an assistant professor in Cockrell’s School of Engineering. It is a method in which solar light is utilised to heat water and remove contaminants and salt from it.

How Can Rose’s Design Help Purify Water?

Fan and her colleagues were investigating methods for generating solar steam. Fan finally had an epiphany after a slew of failed efforts. She recalls reading “The Black Tulip” by Alexandre Dumas as a kid. For solar steaming, Fan thought that using flower-like designs may help them discover an ideal solution.

Polypyrrole, a low-cost polymer, is used in this innovative approach. Photothermal characteristics, or the ability to turn sunlight into heat, is what makes them so popular. Heavy metals and microorganisms may be removed from water by letting it fall on this substance, which turns it into steam. Sea water is de-salinated as a result of this process.

An acceptable beverage has been produced that satisfies WHO guidelines. Researchers built a low-pressure pump into their water purification-collection unisystem so that it could better condense the water, according to main author Weigu Li. It is the researchers’ hope that their design would serve as an inspiration for future solar steaming techniques and aid in the development of more efficient and cost-effective water purifying systems.

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