Jackhammer: Use, Types And Future Market Scope


In the construction business, jackhammers are an essential tool—but also one of the most difficult to control. Old concrete, pavement, and several other surfaces may be removed using a jackhammer.  The jack hammer is a percussive rock-drilling tool that is used to destroy or shatter pavement, rock, and concrete. It is also used to drill holes in rock and concrete. It consists of a piston rod that travels up and down in order to push the drill rod.

The following are the most prevalent types:

Pneumatics, Hydraulic, and Electric Jackhammers

  • jackhammers powered by compressed air are known as pneumatic jackhammers.
  • Hydraulic jackhammers use fluid to generate power.
  • The third type of jackhammer is the electric one, which uses electricity to operate.

Market Predictions for Jackhammers

The use of jack hammers is increasing as a result of their numerous advantages, including their longevity, silent operation, exceptional operator comfort, and low maintenance requirements.

Furthermore, the expansion of road, tunnel, and railway track building is a major driver of the jackhammer market’s expansion. Additionally, there has been a noticeable growth in the need for transportation improvements all over the world.

Because of this, the construction industry is experiencing a rise in the demand for jack hammers. Furthermore, the increase in global demand for metal and mineral commodities is a significant element contributing to the expansion of the mining and quarry sectors worldwide. As a result, there is an increased need for jack hammers.

The  market segments for jackhammers:

The worldwide jackhammer market is categorised based on the type of jackhammer and the application for which it is used.

Pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric systems are the three types of systems that are available on the market.

Construction, tunnelling, mining, and other applications are the segments that make up the market’s application segmentation.

Analyzing the competition

Many of the leading companies in the global jackhammer market are focusing on expanding their reach and staying competitive by introducing new products to the market.

These companies include Atlas Copco, DEWALT; Einhell Germany; HiKOKI Power Tools; Hilti Corporation; Makita Corporation; Robert Bosch Tool Corporation; STANLEY Infrastructure and TR Industrial.

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