PrEP, PEP and TasP making it easier for HIV infected people to live a normally

When HIV had first come into the gay male community of America in the early years of the 80s decade, the questions related to love, lust, trust and sex had become major decisions which would have potential consequences related to life or death.

A man named Todd Faircloth who is 52 years of age remembers the time when these questions were being asked. In the year 1987 when the gay men had been still dying in large numbers from AIDS, he had shifted to New York City and begun his life as a gay man when he was only 17.

He says he did not anyone who would be able to live beyond the age of 30 or live long at all and he claims that the disease was synonymous to a death sentence which hung over their head.

He felt that he had attended many funerals as a result of this disease however it was still very scary for him to be out there.

At this point in time though, after three decades, HIV is something that can be controlled through medication and is no longer something that remains as a death sentence which Faircloth and many others considered it to be. In addition to the condoms which had first been approved for stopping HIV in the year 1987, people who get infected today can take medications such as Truvada for the prevention of the transmission of this virus and these are known as pre-exposure prophylaxis or PrEP along with post-exposure prophylaxis or PEP. These can be consumed just before or post sex for the prevention of the HIV transmission. And as far as the ones who already have this virus there is treatment as prevention also known as TasP which makes it possible to prevent the virus transmission if it is taken regularly.

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