Global Air Dried Vegetables Market To Gain Momentum Amid High Demand For Instant Foods

Air Dried Vegetables Market

Drying food is one of the traditional process for preserving food to be used for further use. Drying food is simple, safe, and easy to learn. Drying frees food from moisture so that bacteria, yeast, and molds do not grow and degrade the food. Drying also slows down the action of enzymes which are natural substances that are digested in food but does not interfere with them.

The rapid growth of the packaging industry will lead to the growth of the global air-dried food market in the coming years. These products are widely integrated for the production of packaged foods. Online platforms are gaining popularity among users of supermarkets, hypermarkets, and convenience stores because they are economical and convenient. Online retail of air-dried food hold a bright future and can be improved with advanced logistics and fast delivery time. Lifestyle changes and busy schedules mean that people do not have enough time to prepare food. That is why they have recently opted for less time-consuming options such as packaged food. These trends will boost the market for air-dried foods during the forecast period.

Mariani Packing Co collaborates with San Francisco-based startup, Treasure8, to use the latest dehydration technology for its dried and vegetables business. This partnership will help the two companies build their innovative pipeline and make better use of their technology to improve and strengthen the dehydrated food segment.

The global air dried vegetables market is broadly segmented based on its form, distribution channels, end-users, and region. Based on the form, the global market is categorized into chunks, powder, granules, and flakes. On the basis of distribution channel, it is bifurcated into convenience stores, supermarkets & hypermarkets, online retailers, and others. Moreover, the global air dried vegetables market is also segmented based on end-user, into hotels & restaurants, processed food, bakery chains, and pet food.

Region-wise, the market is broadly bifurcated into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East and Africa regions. North America in 2019 dominated the global market for air-dried vegetables and is estimated to sustain its dominance in the coming period. The Asia Pacific region is becoming a hub for air dried vegetable market. In contrast, Latin America might witness moderate growth trend.

Major players in air dried vegetables market are Steinicke, Dingfang, Olam, Rosun Dehydration, Mercer Foods Fuqiang, , Dingneng, Kanghua, Maharaja Dehydration, Garlico Industries, Zhongli, Sensient, Eurocebollas, Jaworski, Natural Dehydrated Vegetables, Feida, Jain Irrigation Systems, Richfield, BCFoods, and Silva International, among others.

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