Hollywood hit by the coronavirus epidemic

Mike Ferguson who is a stuntman and an actor in Hollywood had come to the San Francisco region in the last week for work when there was a beginning of cancellations which had been taking place. He was watching the events take place from his hotel room and it was bringing in a lot more urgency and a lot more questions. When the directives had come in from San Francisco on Monday, he did not have much time for getting a flight back to his home in the region of Southern California. The 48 year old has since then been self-quarantined in his house for the last two weeks. He is among the many who work in the entertainment industry who are out of their job as all of the productions, releases and even the live events have been cancelled. This is due to the coronavirus spreading extensively in the region of California and the overall count going in excess of 230,000 on Friday.

As for the industries, Hollywood has been taking a huge hit due to the health crisis. The pilot season has been indefinitely suspended and there are major releases which have been stalled such as the new James Bond Film and the Black Widow film from the Marvel Studios have been pushed back.

The worst to suffer have been the drivers, the builders and the painters who work on an hourly basis for the industry and the incomes have been hit majorly in this region. Most live from one income to the next income basis and rely on the secondary jobs for keeping their bank accounts floating. As the coronavirus has put the full stope on a lot of the gigs, the future only looks darker.

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