China supply chain affected by Coronavirus outbreak.

China supply chain affected by Coronavirus outbreak.

The factories in the country of China which is the center of the supply chain of the industry have now been closed for the extended holiday in the Lunar New Year and the outbreak of the coronavirus. Most of them have been expected to re-open on the 10th of February which is a week after than the schedule previously.

The measures including quarantines had put in place for stopping the spreading of this disease in China and may affect the manufacturing of electronics deep into the holiday season even as the factories are going to return quickly to a complete level of production as per the manufacturing experts.

The experts have said that the companies have been building the physical or hardware products which are in a crisis mode as of now and it is true if they are getting the finished goods in the country of China and had been relying on the sub-assemblies and components on China.

This supply chain has been disrupted already with the delay for a week in the re-opening of the factories as per the analysts. They feel that the ripple effect which is coming in a region is absolutely unprecedented and something like this has not been seen ever before.

The staffing in factories is going to be an issue which is going to last very long beyond the outbreak’s peak give how many of the factory workers in China have been traveling from the countryside to the factories in the urban areas.

There are others who have said that it effects those who are temporary workers and go back to the families. However in the situation, there are many who are not going back.

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