Walt Disney to launch streaming service in India

Walt Disney to launch streaming service in India

Walt Disney has been making a major impact in the space of video streaming. The service of Disney + has been launched on the 12th of November 2019 and managed to rack up as many as 26.5 million subscribers by the 28th of December. This has exceeded the own expectations of the company. The Wall Street is not complaining either, as the analysts had been expecting 25 million subscribers on that day.

The big news for the company now is that the company is now launching their streaming service in the market of India next month. This move is going to charge the growth of the Disney + and leave their competitors and rivals Netflix in a tough spot.

The company is going to have a huge advantage in India over Netflix.

The CEO said that they were going to launch their service in India through the partners of existing platform of Hotstar in the 29th of March as the season of cricket tournament Indian Premier League begins.

They are going to rebrand the existing Premium and VIP subscription of Hotstar to the Disney+ Hotstar. They are going to see this as a big opportunity for using the proven platform for the launch of Disney +

This as per experts is a very smart move as Hotstar has been a huge success in the market of India already. Hotstar has been claiming a lot of app installations and had 300 million active users in the last year in India.

Netflix and Amazon Prime has not been anywhere near them in terms of the streaming service so it is going to be a tough competition with them as Disney + comes in the market.

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