How to download apps for your Fitbit

Fitbit is a smartwatch company. The San Francisco based company’s smartwatch is quite a popular gadget these days. Many people who have been attracted towards the multiple functionalities of the smartwatch were overwhelmed by the gadget and are buying it.

But if you have never used a smartwatch before then you might get confused with the variety of apps it has in store for you.

If you swipe left you will see a lot of apps and different things to click on like Spotify, Wallet, Weather etc.

But there are many other things in store that Fitbit has to offer you. In fact, there are hundreds of apps that you can make use of in the smartwatch.  People who are interested about fitness can download apps which are perfect for their workout like Strava for runners, MySwimPro for swimmers etc.

Before getting to know about the downloading procedure it is important to know that the Fit bit apps are not as versatile as the app son Playstore or iOS. In fact they cannot access Wi-Fi and depend on Bluetooth for their connectivity.

For downloading Fitbit app to your phone first you have to connect your smartwatch with your phone.  Now you have to download the Fitbit app on your phone from iOS, Playstore or Microsoft store. Now you have to create your own account on Fitbit.

After you create your account you will be prompted to connect your app with a device. Connect to the device using ‘Set up a Device’ option and connect your smartphone to your smartwatch.

Now you have to download the apps to your Fitbit smartwatch using Fitbit app store from where you will be able to download the apps you need to install it.  To install any app, just click on the ‘Install’ option.

Once the app has been downloaded you can swipe all the way to the left and see the new app downloaded on your smartwatch.

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