Volcano heat had turned the brain of a man into grass in 79 AD

Volcano heat had turned the brain of a man into grass in 79 AD

The heat that is of extreme proportions from the eruption of the volcano Mount Vesuvius in Italy has been so immense that it has turned a victim’s brain to grass as per the suggestions of a study.

This volcano had erupted in the year 79 AD and killed many thousands and destroyed the settlements near Naples.

The town had been buried by this volcanic matter and it had entombed a few of their residents.

A lot of researchers have been studying the remains of one of the victims unearthed from the town during the 1960s.

The study which had been published on Thursday had said that the fragments of a black, glassy material had been extracted from the skull of a victim. The researchers behind the study have believed that the black material is the remains of the brain of a man

The study says that the process known as Vitrification is a process by which material gets burned at the high heat and is cooled quickly for turning it into a glass or glaze.

The preservation of an ancient brain remain is a finding which is extremely rare as per the authors of this study.

This is the first time ever that the human brain has been discovered as being vitrified by the heat.

The victim is believed to be a man who was in his mid-20s and has been found to be lying on a bed made of wood as he was buried by the ash of the volcano.

The analysis of the charred wood had been found close to the body had shown the maximum temperature of 520C reached as per the report.

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