Samsung coming up with clamshell foldable phone

Samsung coming up with clamshell foldable phone

For the longest time it has been rumored that Samsung is going to be developing the coming up clamshell foldable phones under their codename Bloom. Though, it is appearing that the company is going to actually call the devices as the Galaxy Bloom

Samsung has reportedly made a revelation of the name for the smartphone at a closed meeting in the CES with their major partners. It has also talked about their decision of using the GalaxyS20 as a moniker for the widely called GalaxyS11.

As per the reports which have been coming from South Korea, the CEO of mobile division of Samsung, DJ Koh has talked about the upcoming products of the company at the exclusive meeting of CES. The translation of text has suggested that the company is going the be calling its new smartphone as Galaxy Bloom. This report is not going to provide a reason why this new phone is being called Bloom. It has included too that the image of what is appearing to be a slide with the render of a foldable smartphone and the name Bloom.

Koh has explained that the design of Galaxy’s Bloom has drawn an inspiration of the silhouette of a compact makeup from Lancome which is a giant in French cosmetics.

This company is chasing a different demography with this kind of a product. It is planning for aggressively targeting the women who are presently in their 20s which is the reason why this product’s design is going to feel known to them.

It had been confirmed also in the meeting that the S11 from Galaxy will be launched and called the S20.

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