Mysterious virus outbreak said to be related to the SARS virus

Mysterious virus outbreak said to be related to the SARS virus

There has been an outbreak of a disease which is mysterious and has the symptoms of pneumonia and this disease has struck a log of the people putting the Chinese people on the edge.

The Chinese scientists are saying that this virus is from the same family as the virus which has earlier attacked China and been deadly that is the SARS virus.

They have been able to find a new coronavirus in the 15 of the 57 patients who had the illness in the city of Wuhan in the Hubei province saying that this is being identified preliminarily as the pathogen which has been responsible for this outbreak as per the reports which have come out on Thursday.

This report has said that the whole sequence of the virus was obtained and a sample isolated from one of the people who had been affected by it has shown an appearance of a typical coronavirus under the electron microscope.

The Coronaviruses are a big family of viruses which cause illnesses that range from minute diseases like the common cold to the deadly SARS as per the findings of WHO. The symptoms may range from fever to cough to the failure of kidneys which is what causes the death in few cases. Some of the viruses from this family can transmit very easily from one person to another while the others do not usually do so.

This virus though is not seemingly as dangerous as the SARS or MERS had been as its symptoms are only fever with a few patients finding it difficult to breath. There were eight patients who had been discharged from the hospital on this Wednesday.

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