Millions of Indians protest against labor policies of government

Millions of Indians protest against labor policies of government

On Wednesday, there were millions of Indian people who had gone on a strike as the workers as per unions had been angry at the labor practices of the government that led to the bringing of travel chaos all around the country.

There was action that was widespread in the opposition to what the unions had called policies which were anti-people and anti-workers of the Prime Minister of India who is a right winged leader named Narendra Modi.

They had highlighted the recently done privatization of the public firms along with the natural resources and had demanded a rising of the minimum wages and also pensions. The students and farmers had joined these protests which had been called by as many as 10 trade unions that claim to have 250 million members among them.

The situation of the country has already been volatile at the time of this strike happening as there are a lot of universities in India who had been protesting in solidarity with the universities like Jawahar Lal Nehru universities who have been coming under attack from the police authorities as well as the right-wing outfits.

The services of busses and trains as well as the banks had borne the brunt of this strike which had been staged in the face of the government warnings of consequences for anyone who was going to take part in these protests.

Roads had been blocked due to the protests and the railway tracks disrupted too while those who were at the party had been chanting the slogans against the ruling governments law for nationality that has been called anti-Muslims from all those who are protesting.

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