Qualcomm’s Bigger In-Screen Fingerprint Scanner Can Greatly Enhance Security

Qualcomm took a separate approach from the rest of the handset industry in 2018 when it declared its in-display 3D Sonic fingerprint sensor. Rather than depending on your finger’s optical picture for authentication, the 3D Sonic tech employs ultrasound to get an impression of your prints’ surface texture. That technique has a few advantages, such as better security over optical sensors as well as the capability of using the sensor with wet fingers. This week, the firm is declaring the 3D Sonic Max fingerprint scanner that it claims is the biggest in the world and is 17 times bigger as compared to its precursor. It is so huge, in fact, that it can validate two fingers promptly.

That brings about various advantages, but most essential of these is enhanced security. Both ultrasound and optical fingerprint readers had a huge disadvantage. Their comparatively small size made them far less safe as compared to the bigger ones that guard entryways and banks, for instance. As per product management’s Senior Director, Gordon Thomas, current fingerprint scanners for mobiles (comprising the current 3D Sonic) normally calculate almost 4 mm x 9 mm. That might only identify a portion of your finger.

A huge sensor measures more data and sees for more clues to recognize you, and is intrinsically more stringent. For instance, if you are seeing at a pizza slice, you can normally deduce if it is meat or Hawaiian or vegetarian, but it takes assessing the complete pie to know for certain. Complete fingerprint authentication is just safer. “The cops might never accept partial prints,” Thomas claimed to the media.

The 3D Sonic Max sensor calculates 20 mm x 30 mm for an area of 600 square millimeters. This lowers the odds greatly of fooling such a system, and Thomas claimed that the firm is targeting for an accuracy rate of 1 in a million.

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