Ex-NASA Engineer Frustrates Porch Pirates Using Glitter Bomb 2.0

Ex-NASA Engineer Frustrates Porch Pirates Using Glitter Bomb 2.0

Mark Rober (ex-NASA engineer and YouTuber) is at it again with the Glitter Bomb 2.0 developed to offer porch pirates some serious karmic justice. After encountering a package theft in 2018, Rober made a decision to exact vengeance by making the first glitter bomb. It seems like an actual delivery and was programmed to go off when unlocked by thieves, emitting a fart smell and covering them with glitter, while recording the entire incident. He made one more in 2019 with an even more spiteful stench, and got help from the man who created the idea: Macaulay Culkin (Home Alone).

The first prank was very well-liked, but Rober had to post the clip again after finding that a number of the “victims” were really friends of a volunteer who decided to place the packages. “That is entirely on me and I will take all required measures to make certain it will not take place again,” he claimed at the time.

Rober claimed that he invested 6 Months making the bomb again, which has wide-angle-camera smartphones, GPS trackers, glitter, and fart spray. This time, the design was smoother, had much more dominant fart spray, and had sound effects such as a police radio chatter and countdown. The whole thing was supported by Bose and the product box had fake Bose “Buzz” earphones dubbed after a character from Home Alone.

Rober distributed the goods to 10 people all over around the US, who placed them in front of their doors as bait. One potential theft was aware of the trick after glitter spilled out, since he was actually aware of the original video. One more volunteer just took the delivery himself, so Rober sent him cringey postcards to his neighbors and a Scientology subscription.

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